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Count Your Blessings Part 2

With the blink of an eye another week has come to an end. Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week because I love to wake up early before church and slowly wake my body up with some delicious food and a cup of joe before getting ready to leave for the service. This morning,... Continue Reading →

Count Your Blessings Part 1

At the church Luke and I are attending, we are currently taking a young marrieds class that is focused around a book we are reading called, “The Good and Beautiful God" by James Bryan Smith . Each week, it has an application to incorporate into your daily life called “soul training”. For example, last week... Continue Reading →


A Chord of Three is Not Easily Broken: Striving to Keep God at the Center of our Marriage

I am a newbie to this whole marriage thing, yet I have already realized there’s a lot more to marriage than saying “I do” and running off into the sunset together without a care in the world. I have loved more than anything taking on the roll of Luke’s wife, but when you put two... Continue Reading →


Why Your Status Doesn’t Need To Be “In a Relationship” To Feel Loved This Valentine’s Day

Love. What does that word truly mean anyway? Love might be the feeling you get when you come home after a long day at work, flop onto your bed, and your furry friend jumps up for a snuggle. Love could be how you feel towards that delicious box of Girl Scout cookies shoved in the... Continue Reading →


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